Music Is My Life



This piece is a personal collage about my life transferred onto a guitar to represent music is my life. Each photo represents a part of my life, from Family and Friends to Gaming and Hobbies. I transferred the photos on by sanding the guitar, and applying a medium gel to each photo, then removing the excess paper.


Google Doodle Animation



This piece is a gif. animation to celebrate “Pong”. One of the first video games. It is a 2D tennis game controlled by 2 paddles. Though there is no interactivity in my piece, the animation is never ending and a good way to pass time. “GOOGLE” is incorporated into the scoreboard.

Inspirational Poster


This piece is an inspirational poster that features a quote from Wayne Gretzky “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. The quote is separated into 3 parts, and is placed on different lines of a basketball in bright complementary and warm/cool colours.