Remembrance Day Assignment


This piece is a photomosaic portrait of a Canadian flag with the faces of fallen soldiers in the flag from the Afghanistan war. I included other symbols outside of the flag  relating to Remembrance Day, and lowered the saturation on them to blend in better.


4 thoughts on “Remembrance Day Assignment

    • No this was not designed for any hate page, I was not even aware that such page existed. I made it to commemorate the brave sacrifices made by the men and women serving over seas. After looking at their logo, I can see that it is not the same piece as mine.

  1. I love this image that you have done here, incredible job. Would it be possible for me to use this image to send out an email to our database for Remembrance Day? Proud to be Canadian, Matt.

    • Thank you for the kind words. Sorry for the late response, but yes I have no problem with you sending out an email using my image (even in the future).

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